Terms And Return Policy For Our Custom Optical Lenses

Pricing is subject to change without notice however, we strive to give you as much notice as possible before price changes.

ALL orders are considered "Special" and may not be canceled after 24 hours from order being placed and for a period of 4 weeks from order date. Any Extra Thick lens orders will extend cancellation policy by 2 weeks (total 6 weeks). A finance charge of 2 percentage per month (annual percent rate of 24%) will be assessed on all accounts not paid within 30 days of the statement date.

We are very strict on inspection, boxing, and shipping of our lenses. If by chance we make an error, you must receive prior approval to return. We do not credit any surfaced lenses. Any lens we ship to you in error must be properly wrapped for protection upon returning or full credit will not be given. We read all orders back to our customers and do not credit any returns because of "Specialty Casting".

REMEMBER: We stock a large supply of lenses and all are listed as "Inventory Specials." Although shipment may be immediate, lenses may not be returned. We do not mass produce lenses but only manufacture according to orders we receive.

  • At your request, we will give an approximate shipping date on any "Special" not in stock.
  • Remember this is an approximate date only.
  • We pride ourselves in quality, not quickness.
  • Some lenses may NOT be canceled, no exceptions.
  • Some lenses will not be shipped if the lens has not left our plant 4 weeks from the original order date unless you request to ship regardless.

We can, and are happy to give quotes on any lenses not listed.
Thank you.